Hi guys
we’re back
after 4 years of absence I start again from where I stopped, with the same passion with which I started 38 years ago.

For those who do not know me, my name is Gianni Valdambrini and I was born 55 years ago in Florence, Tuscany.

After a youth spent on skis as a professional athlete and ski instructor, I began to cultivate a passion for windsurfing and composite materials to become my job.

I can say that I entered the service door of the windsurfing world as a shaper, after having gained various sports and professional experiences.

I’ve sailed  in many spots of the planet, but my favorite is at home, Diamond Head Hawaii, where I spend most of my windsurfing days, but most of all to test the products I build myself.

Qualities has matured over years spent sailing and shaping (at the highest levels) and now transformed into ideas and products for a highly technical and ever demanding market highlight a style and an objective bias to be distinct from the traditional manufactured product.

Our past history is full of collaborations with Brands and famous athletes in the world of windsurfing, starting with RRD (Roberto Ricci design), Mistral (Anders Bringdal), Kauli Seadi, Marc Parè, Nicolas Akgazciyan, Pascal Toselli just to name some and Novenove, the brand founded in 2008 which finally returns to its origins and is again produced by our company ACME.



Gianni @ Diamond Head  2017

Our factory is at the forefront in terms of technology, development and research, both in terms of custom products and those made in a mold.
CNC machines, computerized cutters, CAD-CAM processes are our daily bread.
We have access to the best suppliers of composite materials and their use processes for the construction of the boards.

Manual lamination processes carried out by staff with over ten years of experience ensure a superior quality product.

Gianni@ Diamond Head 2018

Gianni early 90′ with some of his creations

Diamond Head 1994

Hookipa 1994

who would not want to have the board of their dreams?

The board  that fits perfectly to its own body and style.

Going back in time and rediscovering certain values of our sport we know that with Acmecustomfactory this is possible today.

In addition to the vast range of wave boards in the catalog, our customers have the opportunity to customize their boards in terms of design and shape, making changes to models already tested in our collection.

Contact us directly and you will discover a world you did not think existed. Handle the boards of numerous Champions for who the Acmecustomfactory offers a priceless service where normal commercial production boards can not meet the needs of the strongest riders.